6 2021

B’nai Brith Calgary Speaker Series with Dr. Allan Donsky

10:00AM - 11:00AM  

Dr. Allan Donsky, Psychiatrist and Mindfulness teacher discusses how the injunction to heal the world must include, at its foundation, the work to heal ourselves. Given there is no ultimate or permanent separation between the individual and the world then self-care, mental well-being and spiritual nourishment are essential for the journey. This talk includes Mussar and Kabblistic perspectives as we move toward more nourishing ways of being, in our world of doing.

Event Co-Chairs, Irena Karshenbaum & Joel Zimmerman
For event registration go to www.bnaibrithcalgary.org
For more information, contact the B’nai Brith Calgary Lodge #816 at 403.255.6554 or bbcalgary@telus.net