11 2023

JAC Night at the Movies

7:00PM - 11:00PM  

Beth Tzedec Congregation 1325 Glenmore Trail SW
Calgary, AB T2V 4Y8

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Enjoy a double-header with JAC for $20 per person. Ticket price includes screening of: Perfect Strangers and March '68, plus snacks and refreshments during the intermission. Purchase tickets.


Perfect Strangers - 7pm
Seven life-long friends with a lot of shared history and experiences, and a mutual death from their past, meet for dinner to watch a rare lunar eclipse. What starts out as a congenial evening takes an unexpected turn when they agree to play a game: every text message, call, or notification that they receive on their cell phones must be shared with the entire group. Betrayals, secrets, and unresolved issues emerge, threatening their long-standing friendships and marriages. Adapted from the hit 2016 Italian film of the same name, this entertaining dramedy is the directorial debut of prolific actor Lior Ashkenazi, who puts a uniquely Israeli spin on a film that has been remade in over 20 countries. View trailer.


March '68 - 9pm
Warsaw – March 1968. Hania, a young Jewish theatre student, meets and falls madly in love with Janek as the city is engulfed in protests against the authoritarian regime’s crackdown on civil liberties and anti-Semitic policies in Communist-era Poland. While the young lovers are uninterested in politics, they soon find themselves unable to avoid it when Hania’s parents lose their respective jobs due to the anti-Semitic purge and are forced to emigrate. Hania wants to stay in Poland with Janek, but after participating in a protest rally at the university, events soon spiral out of control. History, politics and romance collide in this stirring coming-of-age love story as the young couple is forced to choose between love, family and freedom. View trailer.