22 2018

JDAIM 2018. Inclusion Breakfast with Dr Stephen Shore.

9:30AM - 12:00PM  

Calgary JCC 1607 90 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2V4V7

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JDAIM 2018 Inclusion Breakfast for Community Leaders and Professionals

Promoting Social Inclusion of People with Autism and other Disabilities
Join Stephen in his autobiographical journey from the nonverbal days as he relates his life to the many challenges facing people on the autism spectrum. Some of the areas discussed include classroom accommodation, teaching of musical instruments, as well as issues faced by adults such as relationships, self-advocacy, higher education, and employment. The session ends with a short audience activity demonstrating what it feels like have autism and to struggle through some of the challenges surrounding communication and socialization.

Registration is required by February 10. Please email Karina.