11 2019

JDL - Annual AGM

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Location TBD upon registration

Contact Sam Fishman

This meeting is open to all community members, and we would especially like to invite representatives from ALL Jewish Organizations, Synagogues, and charities.

At this meeting, we will be electing a new President, many new board positions, as well as looking for volunteers for various levels of committee:



Board Members at Large (4)

Community Relations Chairperson

Volunteer Coordinator

Fundraising Chairperson

Media Liaison

Website Administrator

Rally Coordinator

Anyone interested in becoming a board member or volunteer for a committee position, please include a self-nomination, or nominate someone you think may be interested, in the RSVP.

We will be discussing upcoming events, community relations, Al Quds Day, fundraising, and security at this meeting.

A location and agenda will be
sent out to those who RSVP by April 8th.  Please come out and
meet like-minded people who are interested in working together to promote
safety and security in our community.

**Our mission is to promote
education and correct disinformation about Israel and the Jewish people. We
actively promote self-defense and the security of ourselves, our families and
our community. We will monitor and report on the accuracy of the media and stand
up against Jew Hatred. The JDL does not back down!

Please email jdl@jdlalberta.com to RSVP or for more information.