16 2021

JHSSA fall program: She Also Served

7:00PM - 8:30PM  


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She Also Served: Jewish Women from southern Alberta
in the Canadian Armed Forces of the Second World War 
Please join JHSSA for this presentation by Saundra Lipton on her research for the “She Also Served” art exhibit at The Military Museums in Calgary. Over 260 Jewish women eagerly volunteered for the Canadian armed forces of the Second World War. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, these women proudly served within Canada and overseas in a diverse range of functions from secretaries, to coders and classifiers, to military police officers.  Saundra's presentation will highlight the little-known stories of the southern Alberta Jewish servicewomen (including Cecilia Feingold, Esther Raber, Tanya Volvnick) as well as the experiences of the Jewish servicewomen who moved to southern Alberta in the postwar period. 
Program format to be confirmed- it will be available online, and may have an in-person option for attendance.

Sponsor: JHSSA