Hillel Canada (formerly National Jewish Campus Life) plays a critical role in ensuring the future of our Jewish community by serving Jewish students - from those with strong Jewish backgrounds to those with none at all - at colleges and post-secondary campuses across Canada within a welcoming environment.


Campus programs and services foster our students’ ability to incorporate Jewish tradition into their lives, while at the same time expanding Jewish knowledge, honing individual leadership skills and strengthening personal ties to Israel.


For our most up-to-date programming information, visit us on Instagramemail Hannah Giesinger, or call 403-444-3162.

Hillel Calgary

Jewish Campus Life

Our students

Hillel Canada equips today’s students to be supporters and leaders in tomorrow’s Jewish community during one of the most formative periods of their lives.

Supporting Education

Hillel program participants make friends, community connections and have a great time at Hillel events and programs.

Enhancing Jewish Identity

By initiating and engaging in conversation with students about themselves as Jews and as members of the Jewish people in an increasingly complex world, we are setting up the framework for them to lead invested and involved Jewish lives.

Building an inclusive community is a priority. Contact us and we will make every effort to meet your needs!