Second Voices Presentations


In 2022 Calgary Jewish Federation's Holocaust and Human Rights: Remembrance and Education department, with the support of the Government of Alberta, produced a series of Holocaust testimony videos featuring survivors and their descendants.  To access a video please fill out our Second Voices checkout form. For more information about in-person or virtual presentations contact Holocaust and Human Rights: Remembrance and Education Co-Chairs, Marnie Bondar and Dahlia Libin.

Cyngiser, Bronia

Cyngiser, Sidney

Dancyger, Ann

Herman, Benek

Davis, Eva

Kirshner, Oscar

Konig, Nanette

With descendant Judith Arato

Plucer, Freda

with descendant Marnie Bondar

Segal, Marcel

With descendant Sylvie Hepner

Wedro, Fanny


Shoah Foundation Survivor Testimony

Calgary Jewish Federation has access to a range of Calgary-connected Holocaust Survivor testimonies from the Shoah Foundation in full or in part. Each video is listed alphabetically by last name.  To access a video testimony, please contact Holocaust and Human Rights: Remembrance and Education Co-Chairs, Marnie Bondar and Dahlia Libin.

Adam, Jan

April 30 1996

Adam, Zuzana

April 30, 1996. (Tape 1 of 3)

Adler, Jacob (JACK)

Aftergood, Dora.

January 21, 1997

Anger, Per

Part one of two parts

Anger, Per

Part two of two parts

Azran, Rosa

Ber, Sara

August 17, 1998

Brewster, Eva

Bronstein, Clara

February 9, 1996

Chadbourne, Gisela.

Chadbourne, Gisela. March 6, 1985

Cyngiser, Sidney.

August 25, 1995. Tape 1 of 5.

Cyngiser, Sidney

Cyngiser, Sidney. August 25, 1995. Tape 5 of 5

Cyngiser, Bronia

Dancyger, Ann

Dancyger, Morris

Davis, Eva

September 8, 1995. Tape 1 of 4.

Groner, Terry (Terese)

Herman, Benek (Bernard)

October 16, 1985. Part 1.

Herman, Benek

October 16, 1985 - part 2

Horowitz, Issie

October 4, 1996

Kapuscinski, Jerry.

March 27, 1985

Kifer, Fay Faigi

August 25, 1998. Tape 1 of 4.

Kirshner, Oscar

August 17, 1995. Part 1.

Kirshner, Oscar

Kirshner, Oscar. August 17, 1995. Part 5 of 5

Kirshner, Oscar

January 16, 1985

Kniazeva, Genia

Kniazeva, Genia. Russian Language Interview

Kohn, Lea

Interviewed by Judy Shapiro. Part of Calgary Jewish Federation 'Voices' video series

Krygier, Annette

Krygier, Esther

Krygier, Esther. February 25, 1997

Ksienski, Elizabeth

Ksienski, Elizabeth. 1998

Kuperman, Lazar

Kuperman, Lazar. Russian Language Interview

Lang, Morris (Cantor).

Cantor. Lang, Morris. November 28, 1984.

Leinburd, Joseph.

Leinburd, Joseph. February 28, 1997.

Lewin, Fanny (Fela)

Lewin, Rafael

Part 1 of 1

Lewin, Rafael.

Part 1 of 2. April 2, 1997.

Lewin, Rafael

Part 2 of 2

Moll, David.

October 25, 1996.

Mydlarski, Jacques

Oleszkowz, Walter

April 10, 1985.

Oussantinski, Fira


Plucer, Freda

Ross, Irene

Rybkowski, Celina

January 23, 1996.

Schayer, Henk

Segal, Marcel

Sobolewski, Sigmund

Tape 1 of 5. May 17, 1998

Survivor, unknown

Wedro, Fanny

Fania (Fanny) Wedro. Part one of two parts. July 17, 1985

Wedro, Fania (Fanny)

August 30, 1996. Part 1 of 4.

Wizenberg, Hinda

August 30, 1996

Zuckier, Elliott

Sept 28 1995 (tape 1 of 5)

Zuckier, Elliott

Sept 28 1995 (tape 5 of 5)