We hope you and your family are safe and well during these very challenging times. Over Shavuot, there was some concerning antisemitic activity across Canada outlined in this statement issued jointly by all Jewish Federations across the country.


We remain in frequent contact with our national security colleagues, as well as with our local law enforcement partners who are committed to protecting our community. We are taking all concerns seriously and all of our community’s organizations are remaining vigilant in their security protocols. This is a time for caution, calm, and careful action.


Message from Jared Shore

Co-President, Calgary Jewish Federation

Our strength as a community comes from supporting each other and from acting collectively. We all feel as though we can and should do more. Here are some actions we can take to address some of the safety and advocacy concerns we are experiencing:


  • If you see something, say something. If you are harassed, or witness harassment, call the police immediately. If it is safe to do so, photograph the anti-Israel activists that are perpetrating the harassment, and share those images with police. Relay that information to CIJA and to us.


  • Sign up to join our ACTION ALERT team. There are times we must mobilize community activists toward a strategic outcome, and we invite you to join us. This list will only be used for select targeted initiatives, and will include very specific directions. You CAN make a difference.



  • Show your support on Zoom or any virtual meetings. Download this graphic and use it as your background image.

We know these are very challenging times for Jewish Calgary, and we will continue to provide you with up to date, reliable information concerning events as they unfold.


Please write to us if you have questions or concerns.