Jewish Community Chaplain

Under the auspices of the Calgary Jewish Federation, Sari Shernofsky provides chaplaincy  services to all members of the Calgary Jewish community. To contact Sari, please call 403-251-6507 or email.

Chaplaincy services to Jewish patients in the hospital, including comfort and spiritual support:


1) Exploring patients' spiritual resources

2) Helping patients access personal sources of meaning and strength

3) Helping seniors and terminal patients conduct life reviews and come to terms with their lives

4) Addressing end-of-life beliefs/concerns

5) Offering spiritual/religious support, rituals, prayers

6) Connecting with community spiritual resources, including liaising with rabbis

7) Family support, including grief support

8) Working with patients and families at end of life, including Shiva support

9) Working with individuals and families facing transition challenges, e.g., discharge to home, long-term care, hospice 

10) Visitation in nursing homes, for shut-ins and other marginalized members of the community

11) Outreach to unaffiliated members of the community

12) Coordinating volunteer visitors program

These services are provided FREE OF CHARGE and are funded by generous donations from our community to Federation's annual UJA Campaign