Keeping Kosher in Calgary


BC Kosher (BCK)

Our community has engaged BC Kosher to provide Hashgacha services (kosher supervision) in Calgary. BCK (also known as ABK and KosherCheck) employs a local mashgiach who is responsible for supervising all Kosher certified institutions.  For further information about keeping kosher in Calgary, please call Philip Wolf at 587-700-1946 or email.


Kosher Restaurants and Catering

Karen's Cafe, located in the Calgary JCC, offers dairy/pareve meals and snacks. They also provide full service catering and banquet service. The JCC is located in the Calgary JCC, at 1607-90th Ave. SW. Karen can be reached by email or in person.


The Carriage House Inn has kosher certified catering and banquet facilities. It is located at 9030 Macleod Trail South. Their phone number is 403-253-1101. They sell kosher challah on Friday mornings. Website link.


The Metropolitan Conference Centre does kosher catering. They have a downtown banquet facility at 333 4 Ave SW. Phone: 403-266-3876. Website link.


Kosher challah may be purchased in the JCC (1607-90 Ave. SW) on Friday mornings, except during the summer.

Stores that carry Kosher items

  • Safeway - Glenmore Landing (14th St. and 90th Ave. SW)
  • Sobey's - Bridlewood (2335 162nd Ave SW)
  • Superstore (10505 Southport Road SW)
  • Kalinka (8, 7400 Macleod Trail SE)
  • Italian Centre (9919 Fairmount Drive SE)
  • Co-op - Oakridge (2580 Southland Dr. SW)
  • many other stores, including Save-on-Foods carry some kosher items


Please be aware of the more common Canadian hechshers - COR, MK, and BCK

Keeping Kosher while in the hospital

Accomodations for visitors who are Shomer Shabbat:

If you are interested in spending a Shabbat in Calgary, the following options are available to you:

Chateau Renoir guest suite

The Chateau Renoir is a high-end senior's residence located across the street from the JCC and House of Jacob Mikveh Israel- HOJMI (9229 16th St. SW). They offer a small number of guest suites for visitors. To book a room at the Renoir, please contact Nicole Pye, Senior Receptionist at 403.255.2105, but email is preferred.


If you prefer to stay at a hotel, the Carriage House Inn (9030 Macleod Trail South) is closest to the Orthodox synagogue (HOJMI). The walk is approximately 45 minutes on fairly flat terrain.

Home Hospitality

Congregation House of Jacob/Mikveh Israel (Orthodox) can arrange home hospitality.  Please visit the HOJMI website for more information


Chabad Lubavitch of Alberta offers hospitality services. Please see their website for more information.