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Stay in touch with Bruce Libin as he challenges himself with a ride across America, raising funds for our community as he goes. Leave a comment and cheer him on! You must be a registered website user to post on the blog.

Welcome Home Bruce!

Hello from Calgary:

Let me start this last note where I began with my correspondence about 3 months ago.  I was undertaking a personal challenge, to test myself physically and mentally while doing something I enjoy - riding my bike.  It made sense to me to challenge others to use my quest…

New York, New York

We're in New York, the 13th state.  So far: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.  Still to come: Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine.

We left the flatland of Ohio (I rode the 203 km from Toledo to Cleve…

Cleveland-Last day off

We've cycled 31 of 40 days.  By my present calculation, the total will be over 6000 kilometres with over 44 kilometres of vertical gained.


1.  A major victory so far (must beware of getting cocky) is I find my hotel room.  After 30 some hotels/motels, it's a chall…

Some Thoughts

We've left the plains and are into the rolling hills and lakes of Wisconsin. My pre-trip thought was of sailing across the prairie states, a west wind making pedaling almost unnecessary. The truth proved to be quite the opposite as we encountered strong-to-fierce headwinds and crosswinds the…

Interesting parts of America

Seeing interesting parts of America - went to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.  Stopped at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.  (The Surf is where Buddy Holly's last concert was, before "the day the music died".)