From Bruce: Anxieties, big and small

-missing my wife (longest we’ve been apart in 44 years of marriage is 2 weeks – another cycle trip) 

-missing the Little People (and their parents).  So much of our lives revolve around our grandchildren.

-missing our puppy.  Shayna has been the dominant focus of our days and nights for the 3+ weeks she’s been in our lives.

-the length and challenge of the ride.  34 of the 40 days of cycling are challenging to hard (3 easy; 3 moderate).  I’ve no idea what I’m going to feel like on, say, day 29.

-ability to get a decent latte/cappuccino each morning.  I know we’ve found roadside stands in places like Eureka, Montana on past trips so hopefully this will not be an issue.

-will the harder riding I’ve been doing in training and the average daily distance and elevation gain of this trip make what I have always enjoyed (Bragg Creek loop; Canmore to Calgary; for example) seem less challenging?

-Is that tickle in my throat a cold coming on?


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