From Bruce, Aug.28:

Today was the first real day of riding.  163 km from Astoria to Portland.  (Note to those whose charity pledge, like Carolyn's and mine, is on a per kilometre or per mile basis:  my cycle jacket fell from my back pocket this afternoon and I rode an extra 4 km going back to look for it.  I intend for distances like that to count.  So too, now that I think of it, the 4 km into downtown Astoria to get a



The roads were pretty decent today and it seems like everyone was doing all right.  Everyone we saw that is.  Our group of 4 began the day by stopping just outside the hotel for a latte.  As such there were some riders we didn't see all day.  I have a sense this will be the pattern for the next several days.  Not sure what I'll do when my friends leave in Missoula.


As important as the roads, the air was good.  With all the forest fires in the western states, there were real concerns Saturday when I flew into Portland.  The air was bad.  Today a west wind cleared the smoke; we had morning haze and the afternoon blue skies.  I believe that is the expectation as we head east.


We are in Walla Walla, Washington tonight - home of the famous onions (which I hope to have as part of dinner).  We are heading east and towards areas where smoke from the many forest fires has been an issue.  The present situation is encouraging; however this will Cary day-by-day.


So far:  5 days of 40 completed; with more than 10% of the distance and of the vertical behind us.


To anyone reading this who might be inspired to donate to the charity of your choice, please do so.  My choice is the Calgary United Jewish Appeal and I hope you will consider it for your dollars.


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