Haunted Hotel

We stayed for 2 nights, as we had a day off after 8 long, full days of cycling, in Rapid City, South Dakota at the Hotel Alex Johnson.  From the beginning of our trip, there would be mention that the hotel, and particularly the 8th floor, was haunted.  (A Google search for haunted hotels in Rapid City gives several hits.)

Tara, the massage therapist, is traveling with her husband, Scott, and their 17 month old, Maggie.  On the morning we were departing Rapid City, Tara was downstairs helping load a van and Scott was getting ready to leave with Maggie.  Needless to say, they were on the 8th floor.

Scott stepped into the corridor with some bags and the door closed behind him.  No problem, he swiped his room key card.  It wouldn't work.  He hurried by elevator to the front desk.  They gave him a new key card and a master card.  Back up.  Neither worked.  Back down, then up with the manager with a computer that somehow runs the door system.  No go.  Call for the maintenance people who came with tools and broke the locking system off the door.

And Maggie?  No, she wasn't swallowed up by the TV, she was sitting atop a night table watching TV.

Beware the Alex Johnson.


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