New Ruling to take effect immediately

The International Charity-Should-Benefit-From-My-Mental-Lapses Board of Regents met today in a special convocation held at the Super 8 Motel in Columbus, Montana.  It is the unanimous ruling of the ICSBFMML Board that the 12 kilometres  (7.46 miles) of distance forgone by virtue of forest fires and other incipient danger be considered, by virtue of the Force Majeure provision of the constitution of the ICSBFMML, to have been cycled and be included in the total for Bruce Libin for purposes of donations being made on a per kilometre or per mile basis.

As per the constitution of the ICSBFMML, the ruling is open to appeal.

Appellants should appear  in person or by counsel at the next meeting of the Board of Regents which will be held on Tuesday, September 8 at

5:00 local time at the Bear Lodge Motel, 218 E. Cleveland Street, Sundance, Wyoming.


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