Reality Intervenes

We received t-shirts that read "Portland to Portland.  We Will. Every Friggin' Inch". And that is certainly the sentiment of everybody on the trip.

And then reality intervenes:  our ride today was cut short at 153 kilometres, 12 before our hotel at 165 km.  After riding a good deal of the day (the most challenging cycling so far with strong head winds and some very long climbs) with smoke from the forest fires, we arrived at the edge of the remnants of a fire.  The fire crew chief wouldn't let us cycle through and so we loaded into our support vans and shuttled to the lodge in Kooskia, Idaho.

The lodge is also a headquarters for the local fire fighters.  The news right now is we should be okay tonight - though we've been asked to be packed in case of evacuation - and should be able to cycle on from here in the morning.

As I write there is no present danger; there is however a strong smoke smell permeating everything.  Also the chirping of loud crickets outside.

This entire area has no cell phone service and the Internet connection is very spotty.  I intend to press send and go to sleep.  Not sure if this will actually "send" until the day after tomorrow (Monday) when we get to Missoula as I'm told there will be limited WiFi Sunday in Lolo Hot Springs, Montana.


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