Shave and a Haircut, 2 bits

After 9 days of cycling (7 FULL days and 2 half days), today is a day off in Missoula, Montana.  Certainly a difference from the drive of our others days.  Can't say if this is typical as I've never done a ride like this and this is our 1st (of 4) days without cycling.


Slept in a touch:  met guys for breakfast at 7:30.  Our normal breakfast time is 6 AM.

Laundry:  remarkable what you can get done for $3 in quarters, an hour of time and helpful coaching from the woman at the laundromat.  As the ride has progressed, the main suitcase compartment slowly dwindled and the pouch where I keep dirty clothes grew to bursting.  A re-balancing has occurred.  (With respect to non-cycling clothes, my behaviour is like when we send kids to camp - they live off the top 1 inch of the duffel bag.)

A hot shave:

  I've gone several days with growth on my chin,

  Today to Paula the barber, her shop I walked in.

  This best hot shave ever, I feel baby bottom smooth,

  It's a rest day habit I'll fit in a groove.

  The Man Cave is a great place so I've hear'd,

  If you happen to be up this way with your beard.

Bike repair:  2 of the guides on our trip are bike mechanics, 1 particularly skilled.  They found an issue with my bike late yesterday which I was able to get fixed at a bike shop with the right tools today.

Newspapers:  nice to sit and read a paper.  Much happens in the world I don't pick up from email headlines.  I intend to take today's papers with me as there is nothing better to dry out cycle shoes should we get rain along the way.

Dinner tonight with some of the other cyclists.  I'm hoping for pasta and good wine.


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