Israel Connections


As a reflection of our people's deep connection to the State of Israel, Calgary Jewish Federation offers a number of ways to be an informed, advocate, and to participate in our ongoing relationship with our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael.

  • Birthright Israel

    offers the gift of a free, educational trip to Israel. Click to learn more.

  • Partnership2Gether

    The coast to coast P2G program links six Canadian communities with the Etzba Hagalil region of Israel. Click to learn more.

  • Israeli Consular Services

    Calgary Jewish Federation hosts representatives of the Israeli Consul in Toronto at various points in the year and supports Israelis with related services. Click to learn more.

Support for Jewish Issues

  • Israeli Action Network

    A strategic initiative of Jewish Federations of North America, in partnership with the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, that educates, organizes and mobilizes the North American Jewish community to counter acts of delegitimization against Israel and to positively shape and lead the conversation about Israel.

Guest Speakers

Calgary Jewish Federation hosts guest speakers on topics such as religion, politics, advocacy, economics, technology, history, and diplomacy. For more information, contact

Additional Online Resources

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