About P2G


Partnership2Gether is a program which links Diaspora Jewish communities with cities or regions in Israel in order to develop “living bridges” and a deep connection as Jewish people. The coast to coast P2G program links six Canadian communities with the Etzba Hagalil region of Israel.


Our Mission


To build and strengthen relationships between people and communities in Coast-to-Coast Canada and in Etzbah Hagalil through programs that build Jewish identity and promote the welfare and wellbeing of all partners involved.


Check out these videos to see the impact of P2G programs in Israel!

Galili Eylon


CSPC Mooli Lahad

Thank You Canada

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P2G projects include Gesher Chai: Living Bridges between schools in Calgary and in Israel. As well as formal and informal educational opportunities, leadership development, volunteerism, youth infrastructure and regional development which strengthens life in Etzba Hagalil, an essential region to the security of Israel. To learn more, or to get involved email Diana Kalef or call 403-444-3154.