Sharing, Caring, and Warmth in the Calgary Jewish Community

Shawl-om is a Jewish community program, started in May 2020, welcoming all to contribute hand-made shawls & lap blankets to be distributed to those in the Jewish community in need of comfort.

Suggested Guidelines for Handmade Shawls or Lap Blankets

  • Can be quilted, sewn, knitted, crocheted, felted, knot-tied, or any other method to create something warm
  • Should be handmade
  • If suitable a large button can be added to a shawl to keep it in place.  Try to avoid small buttons for recipients who may have arthritis
  • A pocket could be added so that the recipient has a place for a few belongings
  • Consider that shawls/lap blankets may be distributed to people of all genders and ages
  • Consider that shawls/lap blankets may be given to a person in a wheelchair so there should not be any long tassels or anything sticking out that could get caught in a wheelchair wheel
  • Blankets can be sized for the lap or a nap
  • Shawls should be big enough to be wrap-a-round, and not small scarf size
  • Individual knitted/crocheted squares (for Shawl-om to combine to make a blanket) cannot be accepted.

To participate or Refer:

For further information or to hand in completed shawls/lap blankets please email Michele Doctoroff or call her at 403-238-2919. To refer someone to receive a shawl/blanket from the Shawl-om Project, please contact Sari Shernofsky at 403-830-5920.

Your creativity, time, and donations of shawls and lap blankets are appreciated in helping to remember members of our community who are shut-in and would be touched by being remembered.

Funding and support provided by: Calgary Jewish Federation, JFSC, and Rimon Calgary.