PJ Library: Delivering Joy and Judaism through the Mail


In the age of digital communication, sometimes the happiest sound is the clink of the mail slot and the ensuing thump on the floor. One day each month, that happy delivery is a free book from the PJ Library: an age-appropriate Jewish book just for your child ages six months to eight years. Books like A Hen for Izzy Pippik, How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?, Five Little Gefiltes, and hundreds more have been selected by a committee of prominent early-childhood educators and children’s literature experts for your child to enjoy — or for your family to enjoy together.


In partnership with Calgary Jewish Federation and Harold Grinspoon Foundation, PJ Library distributes these books because reading is a vital part of children’s growth, fueling their imaginations, academic success and understanding of how to engage with the world around them. Monthly delivery ensures that Jewish values and traditions will be a part of your children’s development as they begin to use stories to navigate the world. PJ Library welcomes all Jewish families, whatever their background, knowledge, family make-up or observance, and the range of books represent the broad spectrum of today’s Jewish families.


Over 10 million books have been mailed so far throughout the United States and Canada. PJ Library doesn’t stop at books, either. Every December, they send an audio CD focusing on Jewish themes, holidays and traditions, giving your children yet another way to immerse themselves in the joys of language and Judaism.


Did we mention that signing up for PJ Library is totally free? So change into pajamas (that’s the “PJ” in PJ Library), register here and get ready to explore this month’s book!

PJ Our Way: The Next Chapter


People often ask what comes after PJ Library. We're proud to announce that now that answer is PJ Our Way. 


PJ Our Way is for kids ages nine to 11. It is kid-driven – they choose their own books, creating a totally tailored experience based their own interests and reading level. To make the choice easier, our website includes summaries and author bios, along with ratings, reviews, and video trailers created by members themselves. Kids can also take polls and quizzes, participate in monthly interviews and challenges, post their own reviews, and comment on blog posts. 


The PJ Our Way site is a completely safe and moderated space, perfect for acclimating older kids to using the web independently. It even has a blog for parents, where you can read about the books on offer for your child, and find family discussion questions for each book. You can also find out what values or topics are covered, as well as any content advisories you or your child should know before choosing a book.


Calgary families can register on the website. For more information contact Kathie Wainer by email or call 403-537-8592.

Free books and music to nurture Jewish families.

Reading stories and listening to music with your child are among the most powerful and nurturing early childhood learning experiences.  PJ Library can help you transform these moments into Jewish experiences.

Children aged six months to eight years old will receive a free, high quality Jewish-content book or CD each month when you sign up for PJ Library.


PJ Library is free: it's a gift that will nourish and enrich your family's Jewish connections.


Research indicates that Jewish experiences in the first five years establish the basis of your child’s Jewish sense of self. Through PJ Library, parents can create a special time with their children to learn and appreciate their Jewish heritage.

To register for PJ Library and start receiving books, or to learn more about this program, ​please email Kathie Wainer or call: 403-537-8592.


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