ePom listings will be shown by category rather than just chronologically. It is up to you to decide which categories your events belong in. Please indicate that in your emailed submissions. If you don’t indicate categories,they will be picked for you. The categories are (but not limited to):

Fundraising Events
Young Adults
Arts and Culture
Adult Education
Volunteer Opportunity
Employment Opportunity

The Did You Know section will contain only 2 items at a time. If you want an item in this section, please submit it and it will be included on a rotating basis with all the other items.

Please format your submissions to resemble something like this:



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ePom is published on the first and third Monday of each month (or the next business day after Jewish or statutory holidays) except July and August which are first Mondays only. The submission deadline is noon on the Friday prior to publication (Thursday before a holiday Friday).
Send your ePom submissions via email. Be sure to put "ePom" in the subject line and to include a title, a brief summary of event details (maximum 25 words), including day, date and time, location, contact information, and your high-res logo (if it's never been published in ePom). Maximum two logos per item. No commercial sales promotions (Jewish-oriented events with a fee are OK). Calgary Jewish Federation reserves the right to edit as required.
Major event promotions (like annual fundraisers) may be listed within 3 months of the event date. Minor promotions (like classes or casual events) may be listed within 2 months of event date. Minor promotions may only be listed 3 times within that two month period.
Ongoing, regularly scheduled events (any event that occurs on the same day and/or time weekly) are generally not listed in ePom, except in these instances: In the case of a new ongoing event, it will only be listed twice, in two successive issues of ePom. If the subject matter of a weekly event corresponds to a unique occurrence (like a Jewish Holiday), it will be allowed in ePom 2 months (and 3 times maximum) before that event. A monthly repeated event may be listed three times within a 6 month period.
Calgary Jewish Federation does not necessarily endorse all the events listed in e-POM. Inclusion in this community service does not imply authorization or recommendation.