Jewish Calgary Together (JCT) is published on the first and third Monday of each month (or the next business day after Jewish or statutory holidays) except July and August which is once a month only. The submission deadline is 9:00am on the Thursday prior to publication. 
Each organization can submit up to a maximum of 3 submissions per edition in the following format:
Name of Your Event
Friday, March 5

7:30 - 8:30pm | Location of event

You have up to 60 words to describe your event here. Pricing information should preferably be on your own website, with a link. Information or 403-555-1212.
Posters/graphics or paragraph submissions where the date, time, and other details are included as part of the program description will not be considered.
Send your submissions via email. Be sure to put "Jewish Calgary Together " in the subject line. 
Include your high-res logo (if it's never been published in JCT). Maximum two logos per item. Poster submissions will not be accepted. You must use the format described above.
Please also note the following: 
  • Calgary Jewish Federation reserves the right to edit and omit submissions. 

  • Fundraising events and campaigns will not be published for the duration of the UJA Campaign (September to December). 

  • No commercial sales promotions. 

  • Major event promotions (such as annual fundraisers) may be listed within 3 months of the event date and may only be listed 4 times in total. 

  • Minor promotions (like classes or casual events) may be listed within 2 months of event date and may only be listed 3 times in total. 

  • Ongoing, regularly scheduled events (any event that occurs on the same day and/or time weekly) are generally not listed in JCT, except in the case of a new, ongoing event where it can be listed twice, in two successive issues. 

  • Partnerships/Collaborative Offerings will not count against your individual listing maximum. They will be listed separately with appropriate logos included – PLEASE select ONE partner to submit the listing.
Calgary Jewish Federation does not necessarily endorse all the events listed in JCT. Inclusion in this community service does not imply authorization or recommendation.