We want to hear from you!

Send us a video clip answering one or all of these questions, or a video of you blowing your shofar and you may be featured in Calgary Jewish Federation’s Chag Sameach video in September.

• What is Rosh HaShanah?
• What year is it on the Jewish calendar?
• Why do we dip apples in honey?
• What is your wish for the new year?
• Can you blow a shofar? If so, show us how its done!


Please email your submission by Monday, August 31

Tips for Filming

  1. Position the phone / camera slightly ABOVE your eyes. You do not want the camera looking up at you.
  2. Ensure that you are evenly lit. Do not sit beside a bright window.
  3. Do not sit in front of a window. This closes the shutter on the camera and typically leaves you in silhouette or shadow.
  4. Keep your eyes on the camera 100% of the time. Avoid looking at the screen. When wrapping up, keep looking at the camera.
  5. Make sure your background is tidy. Clear any clutter. Do not let anyone else in the room during recording.
  6. Ensure nothing in the background is too personal, such as family photos. Webcams tend to film with deep focus.
  7. Make sure the room is quiet. Turn off phones, notifications, etc.
  8. Make sure you leave two to three inches of headroom above for framing.
  9. Do not sit too close to the camera. Bottom of rib cage up is a good reference.
  10. Record your message twice. If you have a technical problem with your first recording, a safety is always appreciated.
  11. If you have earbuds (wireless) we encourage you to use them for better sound.
  12. Ensure your recording is done in LANDSCAPE (wide). No vertical videos, please!