The 2nd Voices Project


The ‘Second Voices Project' is a series of videos brought into schools by 2nd & 3rd Generation of Holocaust Survivors.  With help from a generous grant from the Alberta Human Rights Commission, Federation has created multi-media addresses whereby children and grandchildren bring their parents’ or grandparents’ Survivor testimony to life in classrooms grades 7-12.  Students learn the history of the Holocaust through a Survivor's story while absorbing valuable lessons about Human Rights, tolerance, and the dangers of hatred.


Currently, presentations are being delivered via a virtual format. For more information, or to book a presentation for your classroom, contact our Human Rights and Holocaust Education department.  

Educator Resources


"The visit and presentation from Marnie and Diana as part of the 2nd Voices program was a highlight of my experience as a student-teacher at Samuel W Shaw School. Our grade seven students had the opportunity to learn about the experience of Marnie’s grandmother and family during and after the Holocaust. The presentation was very personal but also connected to the themes that my students had started to explore as part of their novel studies." – Julian Ochs