The 2nd Voices Project

The ‘Second Voices Project' is a series of videos brought into schools by 2nd & 3rd Generation of Holocaust Survivors.  With help from a generous grant from the Alberta Human Rights Commission, Federation has created multi-media addresses whereby children and grandchildren bring their parents’ or grandparents’ Survivor testimony to life in classrooms grades 7-12.  Students learn the history of the Holocaust through a Survivor's story while absorbing valuable lessons about Human Rights, tolerance, and the dangers of hatred.
For more information or to book a classroom visit or for more information, contact our Human Rights and Holocaust Education department.  

  • A Second Generation to Remember

    Read this fascinating article about the seeds of this important project. Written by Raphael Sugarman z"l and focusing on Marcel Segal - also of blessed memory - it describes the motivation and process behind the "Through Their Eyes" project as it anticipated our opening workshop in November 2013.