Four ways to put the "fun" in the fundraising! 

Fundraising for the UJA Bowl-a-Fun is as simple as sharing your personalized team or individual online fundraising page with your family, friends, and social media followers and letting the donations role in! However, if you want to kick it up a notch, why not try one of the following ways to put the “fun” in “fundraising”. Register your team ONLINE today!

Create rewarding incentives!

Set a fundraising goal and give the winner a fun reward for meeting it. For example, the person who fundraises the most gets a free Friday dessert from their teammates for three weeks, or if anyone raises more than the team captain then the team captain must throw a gutter ball in one or more of their turns.

Make your team stand-out! 

Get creative! Create a team cheer, video message, team hashtag, or choose a team colour. 

Personalize your fundraising page!

Your fundraising page is your space! Take the opportunity to personalize it with your team photo/video, fundraising goal, team member bios and your reasons for fundraising for the UJA!

​Throw in a little friendly competition!

Marketing vs. HR? Teachers vs. administration? Kids vs. parents? Challenge another team to beat your fundraising total!