2017 United Jewish Appeal Campaign

UJA 2016 Campaign Video

Most of you probably know who I am, but let me introduce myself.


I am Jewish Calgary.

I am the tie that binds us together, as one people.

I am a voice for our concerns, our needs.

I am the pages of a children’s book, delighting a family at bedtime.

I am a caring touch, reaching out to the isolated, the lonely.

I am dignity for those who want to live Jewishly, but are afraid to ask for help.

I am a bridge across the ocean, connecting homeland and diaspora.

I am the spiritual water of the Mikvah.

I am the applause for a speaker, a performer.

I am the spirit of youth, its optimism, passion and energy.

I am fuel for the spark of learning that dwells in every Jewish child, regardless of how they learn.

I am our collective memory, respecting the past and advocating for our future.

I am a handshake to counter disagreement, and a hand up for those on hard times.

I am the sounds, smells, words, and music of our people.  

I am camp songs and laughter and the warmth of friendship that only summer knows. 

I am arms open, welcome!

I am aged, I am brand new.  

I am differently abled and special.

I am average and I am exceptional.

I am all these things, but I am nothing unless you will it, because… you too are Jewish Calgary.


Jewish Calgary is able to thrive, grow, extend a hand and care for the vulnerable because of the dollars donated to Calgary Jewish Federation’s UJA campaign. Without those funds, Jewish Calgary would not be the community we have grown to expect and love.


Calgary Jewish Federation has promised a level of support to the programs and services of Jewish Calgary – to all the great causes listed on these pages. To fulfill those promises, we must raise a minimum of $2.75million. Our success as a community is in your hands.


We are all Jewish Calgary. We all care for our future. Now is the time to step up and be counted. Now is the time to guarantee our Jewish future. Please give generously.

Because today we write the next chapter of the ongoing Jewish story.


Because we are responsible for one another.


Because every community is built around a village square.


Because we turn despair into hope, indifference into pride.


Because we remove barriers to participation in Jewish life.


Because together we are stronger.

Years of Generosity


For more than half a century, Calgary Jewish Federation’s annual United Jewish Appeal Campaign has, through our community's generosity, help create and strengthen Jewish Calgary’s core programs and services. Through the Program Allocations Committee (PAC) process, raised funds are allocated to programs and services provided by our local partner agencies, Federation-sponsored programs and projects in Israel and around the Jewish world.


Give Now

Please click HERE for information about our partner agencies.

Ways To Give

UJA 2015 has many ways to Give Generously

UJA Plus

UJA Plus offers an option to designate 50% of your increase over your 2014 donation to one of our partner agencies or Federation programs of the donor’s choice. Please click to see descriptions of our partner agencies. Federation programs include the Integrated Bursary Program, PJ Library ® and Federation-funded charitable projects in Israel, among others.

UJA Plus allocations are in addition to allocations made through the PAC process.

More information: Diana Kalef - ph: 403-444-3154

Volunteering - another way to give generously

Calgary Jewish Federation has many volunteer opportunities in the Jewish Community - from canvassing to helping seniors to joining the board of JAC. Learn more about our volunteer activities.

Tribute Cards

Calgary Jewish Federation tribute cards combine our duty to give tzedakah with the opportunity to honour someone special, to celebrate seminal occasions and remember someone we love. Learn more about our options for Tribute cards.

The History of UJA

Calgary UJA has a rich and distinguished history of generosity and volunteerism. Learn more about our history in the Jewish Community.