Calgary Jewish Federation launches

$10,000,000 campaign to improve the Calgary JCC

The vision of the founders of the Calgary JCC (the Calgary Jewish Centre back in 1979) has been realized in the vibrant community centre we’ve enjoyed for nearly 40 years. The JCC is our living room, it is the core of our community, the place we gather and where our children grow up.


Over the years, we’ve benefitted from incremental improvements to the facility, most recently in the complete overhaul of the locker rooms. As we anticipate the completion of this large project, Calgary Jewish Federation wishes a “Kol Hakavod” to Calgary JCC senior staff for their efforts. It is now time to take the renovation to the next level – to expand to serve growing needs and ensure that our “core” is solid for many years to come.


Part of Federation’s mandate is to provide a broad vision for meeting future needs in Jewish Calgary. As such, we purchased the Patterson lands adjacent to the JCC, thanks to generous donations from community members, with the intent to hold this land for the possible development of a Jewish community campus in the future. Since then, Calgary Jewish Federation has undertaken strategic planning, master planning with architects, and discussions and legal procedures with the City of Calgary. The outcome of this process is a multi-phase development plan that best utilizes our existing infrastructure while adding much needed facilities that will allow for growth and enhancement of Jewish life in Calgary.


Now is the time to move forward with Phase 1 of this new development. The goal of this campaign is to raise $10,000,000 so that we may proceed with the following expansion and additions:


  • Create a new, larger day care to accommodate waiting lists and to serve as an entry point into our community.
  • Repurpose existing spaces to better suit daily needs in the JCC.
  • Upgrade mechanical, electrical, and security systems to meet modern standards and ensure efficient functioning well into the future.


Future phases will include the building of a new theatre/multi-purpose facility, a seniors care centre/nursing home, independent housing for seniors, and potentially a school.


Each phase of this plan is another step toward realizing our new vision: to build a Jewish community “core” that meets our needs and exceeds our expectations for generations to come. Please help us take that first step ­- every gift counts. Together we can build our community’s future.


For more information about donation opportunities and recognition, please contact Adam Silver, CEO Calgary Jewish Federation at 403-444-3151 or by email.