A humanitarian crisis is now unfolding in Ukraine affecting the 200,000 members of the Ukrainian Jewish community. 

The entire country faces chaos, scarcity and political violence, and members of Ukraine’s Jewish community are especially vulnerable. Serious security threats—like the potential for looting or violence—now loom over Ukrainian Jewish institutions. There are a couple of updates we want to share with you about the situation and how you can help. 


A Calgary Jewish Federation funded partner, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, directly supports tens of thousands of elderly Jews and other families—including nearly 10,000 Holocaust survivors—with food, medicine, homecare, and other necessities, among other crucial programs. Our other partner, the Jewish Agency for Israel, has already advanced $1 million for the emergency response in Ukraine and is working around the clock to facilitate evacuation for Jewish families.


Calgary Jewish Federation is launching a Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund to provide urgent and additional support for our fellow Jews in Ukraine. For those who want to help, we invite you to donate now.


Gifts to the Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund will be invested in three critical priorities:

  • Humanitarian relief: We will support the work of our partner, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), in providing food and medical relief to those in need.
  • Protecting lives and increasing security: The Jewish Agency for Israel—another UJA-funded partner—has mapped the Ukrainian Jewish community’s infrastructure and is providing immediate security grants to ensure that the community is protected from looting and attacks.
  • Evacuation from conflict zones: The Jewish Agency for Israel is also arranging evacuation and Aliyah for Ukrainian Jewish refugees and will also provide additional relief for refugees in transit.


We are one Jewish people. It is thanks to your support that our partners and this infrastructure are in place to protect and care for these hundreds of thousands of at-risk Jews. In these anxious days, your support is quite literally a lifeline.

We will keep you updated as the situation evolves.